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Sample of Good Senior Bio

Posted by devinkozdogu on June 2, 2009

Senior Bio (Celina Beltran) by Paula Orozco

There are many seniors here at LPS San Jose and everyone wonders what will become of them after high school. People may wonder will they graduate? Will they work? Will they go to college next year? Will they take a year off? All of these are possibilities for them. But which one will they choose? I got the opportunity to ask one of the Seniors a few questions about what she has planned for the upcoming year and also a few questions about her life as a student.

The senior here at LPS I talked to was Celina Beltran. She said she will hopefully be a student at Foothill College and have a part time job too. She also shared some of the good times she had through out out high school: freshman year; when her and her girls were late to school because they decided to go to McDonald’s and they seen their principle (Mr. Ramos) and  ran from him…they ended up getting lost around Piedmont and finally they got attacked by a squirrel. Haha those are fun memories everyone that graduates high school is very lucky to have because those type of memories last forever. She also said she enjoyed being on the basketball team because she got really close to the girls. She does admit that her senior year being in basketball wasn’t as joyful for her because she honestly said she hated the team.

Celina Beltran grew up on the East Side of San Jose, on King and San Antonio. The reason why Celina came to LPS was because she didn’t want to go to a big school and she knew a couple of people here too. The people that Celina would like to thank for supporting her through out high school are her teachers and the staff here at LPS from freshman year all the way to senior year because they supported her all the way through and she was never put down or gave up on by them, her parents and family, and friends also for keeping her wanting to  attend school.

One thing she would like to add is to the students staying at LPS is.. “SUCCKKAAS!!!”

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Senior Bio Update

Posted by devinkozdogu on May 29, 2009

The following seniors have not received an email from some of you. If you do not send them an email TODAY, then you lose this assignment to someone else who needs an article.








REMINDER: Your Senior Bios, like all other articles, must go through all the steps of the publication process!

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Senior Bios

Posted by devinkozdogu on May 11, 2009

Write a nice and respectful email to your senior. Your email will turn the following points into questions. Be sure to start your email with “Dear…” and “Thanks,    [Your Name]”.

  • What do you plan on doing next year?
  • What is your favorite memory of high school?
  • What was your favorite activity in high school (could be extracurricular or social)?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Who would you like to thank for supporting you throughout high school?
  • How and when did you come to LPS?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?


Bautista, Jeovaughn (CARMEN)
Benitez, Leobardo (ALEX)
Carrillo, Irvin (BREANA)
Ceja, Alberto (YOLANDA)
Diaz, Athena Ixchel (JOHN)
Ferdin, Steven (EVIN)
Gonzales, Johnny (EMANNUEL)
Gonzalez, Adriana (DAISY)
Gutierrez, Amandalina (OSVALDO)
Halol, Gabriel (JOSEPH)
Lopez, Alfonso (MIRANDA)
Muro, Wendy (BEATRIZ)
Nguyen, Alexander (ANDREW)
Petronelli, Jamika (DAISHAWN)
Rotan-Smith, Chris (JOSH)
Rummell, Sonia (MONICA)
Vera, Elizabeth (EMILIO)
Walla, Nitu (ADRIK)
Beltran, Celina (PAULA)
Chavez, Catrina (KARLA)
Cortez, Juan (MARCY)
Gutierrez, Stephanie (JEO)
Hernandez Sanchez, Fausto (JASMINE)
Meza, Carlos (MARCY)
Nino, Richard (ELIZABETH)
Pena, Jocelyn (ALBERTO)
Plascencia, Monica (NATE)
Torres, Gilberto (JOHN)
Vargas, Anthony (JASMINE)
Guzman, Omar (RANFIS)
Christian (DAISY)
Delihlah (ANDREW)
Martinez, Frankie (MARYROSE)

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Mini-Assignment (4-9-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on April 9, 2009

Email me ( with two articles you have recently finish (final drafts only!) that you would like to be graded.

I will grade these articles and each is worth 200 points.

Please remember, your articles must go through all the stages of the publishing process in order to be complete.

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Tuesday (3-31-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 31, 2009

In past weeks, you have completed a “Practice Piece” each week. First, you wrote a fake story using a hook on a fairy tale. Then, you wrote an open letter to a politician. Last week, you illustrated an editorial cartoon.

This week, there is no Practice Piece. Instead, you MUST complete your article by Friday.

If you are currently working on an article, then you must have a FINAL draft by Friday. Your final draft must go through ALL of the publishing process steps (click “Publishing Process” to see all of the steps).

If you are starting a new article, then you must have a COMPLETE first draft by Friday. Your first draft must be ready for me and a peer to review.

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Wednesday (3-25-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 25, 2009

Write me a 5 sentence email to that explains how we should change the “Student of the Week” section. People have complained about the following issues:

  1. Students are chosen randomly and didn’t “earn” to be “Student of the Week”.
  2. The title “Student of the Week” implies that students did something good, but in reality they were a random selection.
  3. The questions and answers we have don’t communicate anything meaningful. We need better questions and answers.

How should we change it? I want SPECIFIC ideas. I don’t want to hear about how it sucks.

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Friday (3-13-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 13, 2009

It’s Friday the 13th Again! SPOOKY!

  1. Finish your fairy tale story and email it to me. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD TITLE, GOOD HOOK, AND GOOD LEDE. Do NOT just turn in a funny story. The whole point of this assignment is to practice writing titles, hooks, and ledes.
  2. Continue working on your articles. DON’T FORGET YOUR DEADLINE. Meeting your deadline is worth 200 points.
  3. Meet in my classroom on Monday.

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Wednesday (3-11-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 11, 2009

  1. Continue working on your articles!
  2. You need to check in with me today. I’m creating a spreadsheet and taking down what article you are working on. Then, we will set a deadline for your article.

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Tuesday (3-10-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 10, 2009

Today, you will be doing one (or all) of the following:

  • Finishing up your assignment from yesterday (the fake articles on fairy tales or Disney films). Don’t forget, I need a typed version of this assignment by Friday.
  • Finishing up your articles that will be published soon in The Catalyst.
  • Adding an effective TITLE, an effective HOOK, and an effective LEDE to your article.

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Friday (3-6-09)

Posted by devinkozdogu on March 6, 2009

Okay, let’s try this again.

Yesterday, a number of you emailed sentences that were LEDES. But I was asking for HOOKS! So, let’s take a moment to see what a hook is.

Here is a good example of a hook from yesterday.

Director Zack Snyder is beginning to look like the best thing to happen to the action movie in this decade. His previous film, “300,” took the battle of Thermopylae and re-created it, combining stylized visuals with a feeling for history, culture and character. His new picture, “Watchmen,” follows in the same vein, but goes deeper, achieving a psychological sophistication that “The Dark Knight” aimed for but didn’t quite reach.

Other directors shake the camera to instill excitement. Snyder meticulously choreographs action scenes and thrills audiences with his inventiveness. Other directors go in for brutal realism. Snyder goes in for brutal surrealism, adding little visual grace notes that comment on the action and allow for audience distance. These touches, some of them genuinely odd but strangely right, show an unconscious engagement with the material, the work of a director not going through the motions but pulling from all sides of his brain.

This is a movie review of the film “Watchmen” which opens soon. The hook is in green and the lede is in purple. Notice that the lede summarizes the article. Also, notice that the hook doesn’t really summarize the article. Instead, the hook simply tries to grab your attention. Sure, the hook contains an important idea, but its main job is to grab the reader.

Today’s Assignment:

  • Since not all articles have a hook, find a movie review (but you can’t use the one I just showed you!). Movie reviews are usually pretty good about using hooks.
  • Copy/paste the first two paragraphs into an email.
  • Underline the HOOK. Remember, that a hook is a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Copy/paste the web address where you found your movie review.
  • Email the assignment to or

HOPEFULLY, by the end of class, you’ll have a clear understanding of the difference between a HOOK and a LEDE.

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